Start a new journey of industry development Battery cascade utilization market will become a new "blue ocean"
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  To strengthen the management of echelon utilization,improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources and ensure the quality of echelon products.Recently,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,the Ministry of Science and Technology,the Ministry of Ecology and Environment,the Ministry of Commerce and the State [**]dministration of Market Supervision jointly issued the Measures for the [**]dministration of Cascade Utilization of New Energy Vehicle Power Batteries(hereinafter referred to as the"Measures"),which respectively put forward detailed requirements for the enterprises,products,recycling,supervision and management of cascade utilization,providing institutional guarantee for the high-quality development of the industry.

  The release of the Management Measures triggered a heated debate in the industry.In an interview with reporters,many industry experts said that the introduction of the Management Measures was like a"timely rain",indicating the development direction for the industry of cascade utilization.It can be predicted that the release of the Management Measures will accelerate the standardization process of the cascade utilization industry of new energy vehicle power batteries,and start a new journey for the development of the cascade utilization industry.

  Further improve the management system of echelon utilization industry

  Cascade utilization of power batteries has always been the focus of attention both inside and outside the industry.It is reported that since the implementation of the Interim Measures for the [**]dministration of Recycling of New Energy Vehicles'Power Batteries,positive progress has been made in the recycling of power batteries,among which the cascade utilization industry has developed particularly rapidly,the scale of base station backup power and other scenarios has continued to expand,and business models such as renting and selling have continued to innovate.

  Feng Yi,General Manager of China [**]utomobile Data Co.,Ltd.,said that the Management Measures are a supporting policy of the Interim Measures for the Management of the Recycling of New Energy Vehicle Power Batteries,which has given a"shot in the arm"to the cascade utilization industry and laid a general management tone of"clarifying the main responsibility,emphasizing safety and environmental protection,strengthening industry coordination,and focusing on market promotion",It is of great and far-reaching significance to promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicle power battery cascade utilization industry.

  [**]t the same time,in order to realize the traceability of the whole process of the production,use and recycling of the cascade products,the Management Measures clearly requires the cascade utilization enterprises to establish a traceability management system in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national traceability management,do a good job in the coding management of the primary power battery and the cascade products,and ensure that the traceability information is uploaded in a timely,true and accurate manner.

  "We have built an urban smart energy network battery banking ecosystem based on data detection technology,core control system and network operation platform through the self-developed big data cloud platform,ensuring the full process control of power batteries."Bao Wei,general manager of Zhejiang Huayou Recycling Technology Co.,Ltd.,told the reporter.

  Of course,the construction of the recycling system is still important in addition to the traceability of the source and destination of the cascade products.Feng Yi pointed out that echelon utilization enterprises should strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain according to the requirements of the Management Measures,make full use of the existing power battery recycling system,and ensure the efficient recycling of echelon products.

  Technical requirements of cascade utilization industry are further refined

  [**]t present,echelon products have been commercialized in the fields of base station backup,energy storage power station,low-speed power,etc.The number and type of enterprises engaged in echelon utilization are also increasing.While the echelon utilization industry is developing rapidly,it is particularly important to establish technical specifications.

  It is understood that two national standards,namely,requirements for cascade utilization,product identification for cascade utilization,and two industrial standards,namely,technical guidelines for cascade batteries for electric energy storage and technical conditions for re retirement,have been issued recently,providing effective support for industry management and technological progress.

  The [**]dministrative Measures clearly encourage the strengthening of industrial chain cooperation,form a technology development model that meets the needs of the industry,and improve the overall technical level of the industry.In the opinion of Lv Minghai,the factory director of BYD Group Ferdi Battery Co.,Ltd.,"BYD has the advantages of the group.It can make full use of key information such as the historical operation data of power batteries to quickly assess the health status of power batteries,tap the residual value of power batteries,and promote the development of high value industries."

  In addition,in order to ensure that the echelon products meet the relevant technical requirements,the Management Measures also pointed out that a"voluntary certification system for echelon products"will be established to increase the supply of high-quality echelon products and promote the survival of the fittest by giving full play to the role of the market mechanism.In this regard,Zhang Xiaolong,the general manager of C[**]IC [**]dvancing Huacheng Certification(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.,said that product certification is an internationally recognized and effective product conformity assessment system to ensure product quality and safety and safeguard consumers'vital interests.He suggested that relevant departments should take multiple measures to promote the application of certified echelon products and promote the standardized and sound development of the echelon product market.

  Cascade utilization of the market will become a new"blue ocean"

  [**]s a new industry,echelon utilization industry has broken many industry barriers and achieved diversified scenario applications.

  Zhang Yuping,the deputy general manager of Greenmey Co.,Ltd.,said that the Management Measures clearly stated that"we should encourage enterprises to develop and produce echelon products suitable for base station power backup,energy storage,charging and changing,and encourage the use of leasing,large-scale utilization and other business models that facilitate the collection of echelon products."This measure not only pointed out the direction of echelon product production and development and utilization model,but also left room for market exploration of echelon utilization.

  Gao Jian,the director of Iron Tower Energy Co.,Ltd.,also told the reporter:"The release of the Management Measures will further standardize the cascade utilization market,help our company to purchase and apply high-performance and high standard cascade products,so as to accelerate the comprehensive replacement of traditional lead-acid batteries and boost the green development of the energy industry."

  The release of the Management Measures has made a beneficial attempt to promote the green and healthy development of the power battery recycling industry and achieve the goal of"double carbon".Xiao Chengwei,a researcher level senior engineer of the Eighteenth Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation,predicted that with the rapid increase in the retirement of new energy vehicle power batteries,the cascade utilization industry will usher in a new round of development peak.Under the market driven and enterprise innovation exploration,the cascade utilization market will become a new"blue ocean".