Polymer Battery
Cylindrical lithium battery
Nickel metal hydride battery
Lithium iron phosphate battery

Polymer Battery

Good safety performance:the polymer lithium battery is packed with aluminum plastic film,which is different from the metal shell of ordinary battery.In case of any abnormality,the ordinary battery is easy to explode,while the polymer battery cell will only inflate.

The thickness is smaller and thinner:because the aluminum plastic film is thinner than the metal shell,the thickness of the polymer battery can be less than 1mm Light weight:The polymer battery does not need a metal shell,and its weight is 40%lighter than that of the steel shell battery of the same specification,and 20%lighter than that of the aluminum shell battery.

Large capacity:more than 10%higher than ordinary battery capacity

The shape is convenient for customization:the polymer battery can increase or reduce the size of the cell according to the customer's needs,and develop new cell models with low price and short development cycle.

Product Application

Children's toy car

Learning aids

Translation pen

loudspeaker box


Portable computer

New energy vehicle

Medical robot

Intelligent mobile phone

HD camera

Cylindrical lithium battery

The cylindrical battery has formed a series of internationally unified standard specifications and models,and the process is relatively mature,which is suitable for continuous production in large quantities.

The specific surface area of the cylinder is large,and the heat dissipation effect is good.

Cylindrical batteries are generally sealed batteries,and there is no maintenance problem during use.

The battery shell has high withstand voltage,and no such phenomena as square and soft packed battery expansion will occur during use.

Product Application

Notebook computer

Electric toothbrush

Beauty care products


Video camera

Nickel metal hydride battery

Operating voltage:1.2v output voltage,which can replace 1.5v alkaline battery.

Environmental safety,no pollution,no memory effect.

High safety performance,over charge and over discharge resistance.

Excellent cycle performance:nickel metal hydride battery can be recharged and discharged for more than 500 times.

Low internal resistance,can support high current discharge.

The discharge performance under high current is excellent(according to 0.2 c standard capacity,the capacity of mh ni battery under 6c current can reach 90%,and the capacity of battery under 10c current can reach 85%),high specific energy,high power,fast charge discharge,durability,etc.,which is suitable for power battery pack.

High temperature performance:70°c discharge capacity can reach 80%,and low temperature performance:-20°c discharge capacity can reach 60%.

Product Application

Emergency Power Supply

Portable Printer


Instruments and Apparatuses


Lithium iron phosphate battery

The life of lithium iron phosphate battery is long, and the cycle life is more than 2000 times;

Safe to use. Lithium iron phosphate battery has passed strict safety test and will not explode even in traffic accidents;

High temperature resistance of lithium iron phosphate battery;

Lithium iron phosphate battery is green.

Product Application


Electric locomotive

Electric bicycle

Electric drill

Solar cell