What's special about lithium iron phosphate blade batteries?
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  The competition for China's new energy vehicle market is becoming increasingly fierce.In June this year,BYD regained the top position in the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China.Tesla,an old competitor,was anxious.On July 8 and 30,the official prices of Model Y and Model 3 were lowered respectively,with the largest drop of 7 weeks.On July 31,BYD immediately announced that the HanEV standard endurance luxury model(506km version)was officially accepted for booking,and the subsidized price was 209800 yuan,a positive response to Tesla's price reduction marketing war.

  BYD's sales soared,especially its flagship model Han.It was the first Chinese car that could stand firm and compete head-on with the BB[**] and Tesla.Behind this,the blade battery contributed a lot.Even though Tesla and other competitors have switched to using lithium iron phosphate batteries and used price means to try to recover the market share and user reputation of their brands,the reputation of consumers is still far from that of blade batteries.

  Consumers even spread a story:"There are two kinds of batteries in the world,blade batteries and other batteries".We can't help wondering:what's special about blade batteries,which are both lithium iron phosphate?

  Set up the safety benchmark of power battery through needle test

  Safety is the biggest luxury of electric vehicles.[**]s one of the core components of electric vehicles,battery safety largely determines the safety performance basis of electric vehicles.[**]mong more than 300 safety tests of power battery,the needle test is recognized as the most demanding test,which can be called the"Mount Everest"of battery safety test.

  The results of the acupuncture test are obvious.[**]fter the BYD blade battery is punctured,there is no open flame,no smoke,and the surface temperature is only 30-60℃.[**]fter the ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery is punctured,there is no open fire and smoke,and the surface temperature is 200℃-400℃.[**]fter acupuncture,the ternary lithium battery burns violently,and the surface temperature exceeds 500℃.

  The acupuncture test removes all the publicity and packaging,so that the real safety of the battery is presented to consumers naked.No one would like to have an unstable and explosive battery sitting under his hip.The blade battery became famous by the first battle of the acupuncture test,and its talent for safety was promoted to a unique position in the Jianghu through the technological blessing of the day after tomorrow.

  Large size lamination process,laying a high performance foundation for blade batteries

  The traditional power battery produces the cell in the form of winding,while the blade battery adopts the lamination process.Compared with the winding structure,the laminated structure has more uniform current density,excellent internal heat dissipation performance,and is more suitable for high-power discharge.Therefore,the blade battery has better cycle characteristics,safety characteristics and energy density.

  Just like a box of the same size,one filled with table tennis balls and one filled with rulers,we can easily imagine the help of lamination technology to space utilization.This also allows the blade battery to overcome the disadvantage of low natural energy density of lithium iron phosphate material.

  For the lamination process of blade battery,BYD first die-cuts the positive and negative plates into a single piece,folds them into a pole core in the diaphragm according to the set number of layers,and fixes the pole pieces and the diaphragm by hot pressing.The length of the pole piece is about 1000mm.The strip shaped positive and negative pole pieces need to be inserted into the folded diaphragm in an orderly manner,which is very demanding for the process-the pole piece needs to be inserted smoothly,and the insertion depth needs to be just right.

  [**]dvanced manufacturing technology is also an advantage that BYD is proud of.From anti epidemic star masks,to consumer electronic products such as mobile phones,to cars,and to rail transit,BYD can make anything unexpected.

  [**]ll directional high-temperature"ceramic battery"technology enables the upper limit of safety of blade battery

  Ceramic coatings have an important impact on the performance of lithium ion batteries,especially on the safety of lithium batteries.The omni-directional safety coating will not react violently when the electric core occurs for a short time,and the safety performance will be greatly improved.It can not only significantly improve the safety,but also improve the battery cycle and other comprehensive performance.

  The blade battery obtains very high safety by using high-temperature ceramic coating with high temperature resistance and excellent insulation performance in key parts.Thanks to the large size lamination process and the all-around high-temperature"ceramic battery"technology,the blade battery has a charging cycle life of more than 4500 times,that is,the attenuation of the battery after 4500 times of charging is less than 20%,which is more than 3 times that of the ternary lithium battery.The equivalent mileage life of the blade battery can exceed 1.2 million kilometers;The instantaneous discharge current is up to 800[**],meeting the development requirements of high-performance pure electric vehicles.Han EV equipped with blade battery can accelerate 100 km to 3.9 seconds.

  Blade batteries are popular,sounding the horn of BYD's soaring sales

  Consumers made a choice by purchasing,and the blade battery was significantly ahead of other brands of lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of reputation and performance,making BYD HanEV's sales continue to lead.

  On July 31,BYD added a standard endurance HanEV equipped with blade batteries,which has a safety performance ahead of its peers.The NEDC's comprehensive driving range is 506km,and the price after subsidy is 209800 yuan.It will be delivered from September.Compared with the competitors of HanEV,the newly launched 506 model has longer endurance,better safety,larger space,more luxury and more competitive configuration.The competition between BYD and Tesla,the two major electric vehicle giants,has officially reached the 200000 window level,and the competition will become more intense.Blade batteries will still be the biggest winner or loser in this round of direct competition.