Core values

Continuous Innovation | Pursue Excellence | Focus on Users | Focus on Strivers

The team of Kincel Group has always been a passionate innovator and subverter.

From the love and curiosity of life, we constantly ponder the essence of things to achieve real innovation.

In the process, countless times of exploration, efforts and exploration have made us more clearly define and believe in ourselves.

In the process of growing together with users, partners and employees, we have formed a common and persistent belief.

Continuous innovation

Innovation is the foundation of our existence and the prerequisite for our mission. We advocate exploring the essence of things to achieve real innovation. Technological innovation, design innovation, institutional innovation and other innovations that keep us alive. We encourage the courage of innovation and give innovators the necessary tolerance.

Pursue excellence

"More than 60 points are all details", which is our dedication to deliver more perfectly to customers and teams and enjoy the process of continuous sublimation of products in our own hands. All Oribo people are confident, growing and great because they pursue excellence, innovation and change together with the company and the team.

User centered

We adhere to the guidance of creating user core value. Technologies, products, designs and services are all committed to understanding and meeting user needs, even exceeding user expectations. Being closer to users and serving users is the only reason for our existence and the driving force for the company's development.

Struggler oriented

Success comes from struggle, and the company's profits, benefits, and ultimate success are all earned by every striver's persistence, efforts, sweat, and extra effort; We do not pursue equalitarianism, but fairness. Fairness is to give the striver opportunities, tolerance, growth channels and more material rewards. Managers should strive to create more opportunities and a better future for the strivers.


Create a leading manufacturer and exporter of rechargeable batteries and backup power