What are the advantages of lithium batteries for electric vehicles
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  There is no end to this question.Today,a small compilation of Qiangli New Energy will give you a list of how good it is,in what aspects,and vice versa?The beautiful and concise appearance of lithium battery electric vehicles has been increasingly accepted by consumers.How good are lithium battery electric vehicles?Is it really as good as everyone says?

  [**]t present,lead-acid battery electric vehicles are the most popular ones on the market,but many regions have begun to introduce lithium batteries for electric vehicles.[**]s the name implies,the lithium battery for electric vehicles is simply a lithium battery instead of lead acid.Compared with lead-acid battery,is the lithium battery of electric vehicle good?Does it really have an enterprise?Does the dealer say it is so vivid?Nowadays,the country vigorously advocates energy conservation,green and environmental protection,which can really be popularized.No one has answered the questions such as

  When it comes to the lithium battery of electric vehicles,is it good?Everyone has a very consistent view."Lithium batteries are lighter than lead-acid batteries and have a long life,but the price is very expensive."Whenever Xiao Bian asks more carefully,what is the best?Everyone seemed unable to answer

  How about lithium battery electric vehicles?Come and have a look!

  [**]dvantages of lithium battery electric vehicle:

  Long life,light weight and small volume of lithium battery

  [**]t present,the brands of lithium battery electric vehicles are diversified,such as Giant,Kaiqi,Jieobi,Tu'er Lithium Electric Vehicles,etc.The power performance of lithium battery electric bicycles is similar to that of lead-acid batteries(simple electric bicycles).They can be charged for 6 to 8 hours.Depending on the battery capacity,they can run for 30 to 45 kilometers.Their weight is only about 1/5 of that of lead-acid batteries.The biggest advantage of lithium battery electric bicycles is their long life.Yu Jiangping,editor in chief of Global Electric Vehicle Network,would like to make a statement that the price of lithium battery is only superficial.In fact,the cost calculated carefully is similar to that of lead-acid battery.[**]t present,lithium battery is generally guaranteed for 2 years,and lead-acid battery is guaranteed for 1 year.

  Lithium battery has activation free feature

  When using lithium battery,it should be noted that the battery will enter the sleep state after being placed for a period of time.[**]t this time,the capacity is lower than the normal value,and the service time will also be shortened.However,lithium battery is easy to activate.[**]fter 3-5 normal charging and discharging cycles,it can activate the battery and restore its normal capacity.Due to the characteristics of lithium battery itself,it has almost no memory effect.Therefore,users do not need special methods and devices during the activation of new lithium batteries.

  Lithium battery with memory effect

  When charging lead-acid batteries and nickel batteries,consumers are always worried about the memory effect of batteries.When lithium batteries are used,everyone can relax.Lithium batteries do not have memory effect.If there are still consumers who do not know how to charge the lithium battery,they might as well take a look at the following contents

  Disadvantages of lithium battery electric vehicle:

  The high price of lithium battery electric vehicle is due to lithium battery

  [**]t present,the price of lithium battery electric bicycle is generally hundreds to 1000 yuan higher than that of lead-acid battery electric bicycle,so it is difficult to get consumers'recognition in the market.The lithium battery is light and environmentally friendly,and will not cause environmental pollution after being discarded.Once the application technology is mature and the market sales increase,the price of the lithium battery electric bicycle will decrease.

  Long charging time of lithium battery is counterproductive

  Lithium battery or charger will automatically stop charging after the battery is fully charged.There is no so-called"trickle"charging of nickel charger that lasts for more than 10 hours.That is to say,if your lithium battery is fully charged,it will also be charged in vain when it is placed on the charger.[**]nd none of us can guarantee that the characteristics of the battery charging and discharging protection circuit will never change and the quality will be foolproof,so your battery will be at the edge of danger for a long time.This is another reason why we oppose long charging.

  In addition,on some electric vehicles,if the charger is not removed after charging for a certain time,the system will not only not stop charging,but also start the discharge charging cycle.Perhaps the manufacturers of this practice have their own purposes,but it is obviously detrimental to the battery life.Therefore,after purchasing the lithium battery electric vehicle,consult the enterprise or dealer to do a good job of lithium battery maintenance.

  The power of lithium battery needs to be improved

  Compared with lead-acid batteries,lithium batteries are much less resistant to fluctuations in charge and discharge.This is a major symptom of the current high-power vehicles'inability to effectively use lithium batteries,leading to reduced durability.

  The safety problem of lithium ion battery is outstanding

  The safety of lithium battery still needs to be improved.The hidden danger of fire,combustion and even explosion of lithium batteries cannot be completely eliminated at present.The vehicle collision may cause the positive and negative pole materials of the battery to break through the diaphragm,and the ultra-high current at the moment when the energy is rapidly recharged to the battery during braking will lead to short circuit,temperature rise,combustion and even explosion of the battery.The cause of fire is that lithium ions are separated out due to collision and short circuit,which will cause fire and combustion when contacting with air.In addition,the electrolyte of lithium ion battery is organic electrolyte,which is easier to ignite after contacting with air

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