Five fears of lithium battery in digital products
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  First fear:water and humidity.[**]void using the mobile phone in a humid environment(seaside/rain)to prevent a large amount of moisture from invading the circuit board to form water stains,causing short circuits or oxidizing metal interfaces.Because if the charging hole oxidizes,it is easy to burn the machine during charging.The mobile phone should be used appropriately to generate a certain temperature inside and naturally evaporate the water vapor normally accumulated.If the mobile phone is not used for a long time,special moisture-proof treatment shall be carried out.Soaking in water:It's obvious that what can be alive after soaking in water?Sulfur:[**]void using mobile phones in places with heavy sulfur to avoid oxidation by adding heavy metals

  Second fear:charging and battery.If the original battery is not used,the contact tightness between the mobile phone and the battery is not as good as that of the original battery.When shaking for a long time,there may be contact looseness,which is easy to cause instant power failure.But now there is an external battery produced by SinoGael.The phone does not need to be taken down during charging.[**]s long as the phone is directly placed on the external battery,the charging function can be easily realized,and the actual power consumption is two to three times of the original.In case of overcharge or overdischarge,it can stop charging or discharging by itself

  Charging:Do not turn on the phone during charging to prevent the high temperature during charging from affecting the circuit board.The car charger should be plugged in again after the car starts to avoid the instantaneous peak current flowing back to the mobile phone when starting,which will damage the internal parts.If you go abroad often,you'd better bring more backup batteries,otherwise you must use the original charger to avoid damaging the machine due to different voltages

  Static electricity:the human body is charged with static electricity.If the disassembly and assembly of the mobile phone is not carried out on the platform that can discharge static electricity,it may cause the electrostatic impurities to invade the body,causing a short circuit

  Third fear:heat and high temperature.The mobile phone should be protected from heat and exposure.Especially in summer,the high temperature in the car is easy to change the circuit board or battery due to the high temperature,and the screen is also easy to distort due to the material change.Temperature difference:the temperature difference generated when the mobile phone enters and exits the air-conditioned room,and the water vapor condensed from the cold air may corrode the circuit board,causing short circuit of electronic components and affecting the life of the mobile phone

  Fourth fear:fall or collision.Basic knowledge:mechanical collision is easy to damage.Squeeze:The mobile phone is pressed by force,and the damage is not as direct as a crash,but some screens have black spots,mostly caused by the liquid crystal being squeezed,cracked and flowed out.Because the pressure that LCD can withstand is quite limited,users should pay attention to

  Fifth fear:dust.The accumulation of dust will also affect the current conduction between the contacts of the circuit board.Grease:The face of the mobile phone panel may penetrate into the body,contaminate the internal lines,and cause damage if it is used for a long time